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Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.
- Malcolm X (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


This tee is the single most comfiest item in my wardrobe and that is enough to forgive it for being way too long on my body 😌 #vsco #vscocam #everlane


there is a difference between people who are smart and people who get good grades

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Easily the best part of the VMAs.
As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.
- Steve Maraboli (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

I feel nothing
I feel everything.
I don’t know which is worse.
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From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.
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S’more Ice Cream Sandwiches | Paper N Stitch