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I’m ashamed of myself because I know I should be better and I have no idea how to get there.
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My friends all lined up on the roof, just minutes before Seattle’s annual firework show.


Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela.
18 July 1918 − 5 December 2013


best thing i’ve ever read

Count your blessings and you’ll find you have many more than you have problems…




This is why you cant trust women, even when theyre mouth is closed theyre still lying to you

you do realize that this is really hurtful right?
i did not do this to show how i am ‘lying’ to men or anyone, it’s not about how you, as a man, should feel about it - it’s about myself. 
to me your statement sounds as if the left side of this picture is something awful or horrible. and no, it’s not. it is my face - with and without makeup. and whether i chose to wear it or not is MY AND JUST MY decision. and when i do, i do it for myself - so that i feel good about myself - not for you.

i think what pisses me the MOST about that comment, is that the beauty standard was literally created by men, and is perpetuated by the patriarchal society that we live in because it’s a fantasy, because all women were made to be part of this fantasy. it’s not our fault that the attractiveness we display is judged solely on how well we wear makeup, because no one looks like that. even with ‘natural’ makeup, nO ONE LOOKS LIKE THAT. men and women are attracted to faces that do not exist. how fucked up is that?
a guy once said in passing that it was necessary for his girlfriend to wear makeup, and it just blows my mind that he wouldn’t be attracted to a natural women’s face. despite how they look without makeup, because it’s not as “perfect,” as enhanced, the way women “should look,” as it is with makeup. we see men as attractive without makeup, but when we look at women without makeup? it’s shameful, it’s ugly, she hasn’t ‘put her face on.’ we see ‘attractive’ men as attractive despite them having the same flaws as women: under eye circles, thick eyebrows, uneven skin coloring, et cetera. its the fact that we are literally told to believe that our bodies, unlike those of attractive men, are not good enough. we’re told no woman will ever be good enough. 
i think it scares men how closely women look like them. not because men think other men are ugly, but because when you look like someone, you identify more with them. it kills the fantasy. women become human, real, people who have body oder and fart. they’re “ugly” without makeup because they’re no longer these freakish dolls that grow zero body hair and whose cheekbones are always defined.
cosmetics for women is a HUGE industry. women’s beauty is a commodity. it’s a thing that can be bought and sold. chris hemsworth wakes up every morning and looks like sun shines out of his ass. while the op in the picture above has to spend a ridiculous amount of money and time literally redefining her face so that she and everyone else will think of her as attractive. 
this comment-er calls the op a liar when him and people like him created and perpetuate the reason for its existence. he’s metaphorically punching himself in the face.

i was going to respond but i think the above comment is just spot on and i cant add much to it
i completely loathe the fact that women are often branded deceitful and liars because they have chosen to wear makeup. oh my fuck its just ugh
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